Escher EP

by Escher

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released January 10, 2012

Vocals - James Broadhead
Guitar - Luke Dingfelder
Guitar - Will Collins
Bass - Cody Rogers
Drums - Dan Ray

Recorded and engineered by Dan Ray

Gang vocals on The Inverse feature Matt Trembley, Richard Samsa, and Chris Kaufmann. Thanks dudes!



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Escher Raleigh, North Carolina

Progressive metal from North Carolina.

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Track Name: The Inverse
Greetings Earthlings. You seem lost. Wandering discovery. Every tick of time consuming your mind, wherever you roam. Every pulse ceases to be. Check your breath. Now every pulse of light: Engage retro reflectors. Check your retro reflector. We are, as they say, looking towards the sky, grinding on our teeth. This is infamy! Post-glacial rebound. Repeat, reactivate this sonar reception consuming our ship. The horror! The horror! Look! Y’all! Surrender! These lasers are forever. Light amplification stimulated, engage radiation.
Track Name: Jungle Space
Forged from the depths of this abstract wreckage, trying to survive, floating below. I believe what I cannot see. Freezing! That mushroom cloud is a risin’. Fire on the horizon, slowly, but surely, sinks. This chance to resist turns to black. Unforeseen. Eternal webs colliding in the containment of our conscience retrospect. Standing idly by. Lost in the kicks and screams of our dreams. Force it and collect it, field of reasoning. Reflection needs impulsive selection. The unborn is conceived. We need the anchor for the storm. I will swim, they will sink.
Track Name: Nerve Damage
Tick tock, my soul is laughing. All I ever wanted is friction, right in front of me. Through the abyss, suddenly- Mental aggression. Elaborating progressive perfection, focus. Source of surprise: Explosions of eyes in the sky. Downward glide. Whispering truth of the mind. All I ever wanted is to control my own dreams. Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind and a healthy body! The serpents disguising the golden horses now latch the shoulders, forming wings. A decorated shine, perfectly alive. Shadows in time galloping towards consciousness. Anticipating inception, leaving heads hanging. Disappearing, into the mind, disappear.
Track Name: Running Underwater
Choose the sacrifice, Perhaps the gods will spare us when the planets align. A prediction into time, the tides will arise. Through the surface, the stars and worlds will collide. My eyes are under construction. We will all drown in our own selfishness. Astronomical affair; where do we come from? Does anyone really care? A road to nowhere. Pull the strings of my arms. It seems we’re created to play a part. Prediction, prophetic. Is this what you get? We are here to swim! This universe is falling apart. Creative astronomical seduction. Running underwater. Orbital perception, entagled relation. Uncontrollable rotation, primetime condition. Here comes the collision. No time for decision. I have come for the world. The world is yours, underwater.